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Super Mario Star Scramble

145 plays
About navigate_next Super Mario Star Scramble

If you’re always interested in awesome adventures from a popular character of Super Mario, don’t miss experiencing Super Mario Star Scramble at this time. It’s because this cool guy will bring you to a very new journey of looking for precious stars. Be ready to join? Here we are!

As outlined above, the main task is to collect enough stars in each level. In addition, you have to defeat a big Boss at the final level. But, keep in mind that you MUST complete each level successfully before reaching the level 10.

As a seasoned fan of Super Mario, I’m sure you know the most important thing is your nimbleness in guiding Mario to move and jump. Amongst, jumping is a necessary action to kill enemies. Make sure you’re skillful to direct Mario to jump on their head, not touch them or the game will be over right away.

Now, let’s talk about the main part of collecting the stars! These stars are scattering everywhere and Mario needs to gather all of the stars. Relying on that, the door will be opened and brought him to the next level. Besides, if the stars are surrounded by walls, you have to find and activate a suitable button. What’s more, don’t forget to take advantage of a spring to jump to higher places where the stars are placed.

Except gathering the stars, grabbing golden coins in each level is rather critical. Try to take all to increase your score after every level.

Last but not least, it’s the final battle between Mario and the Boss. As long as you guide Mario to jump over deep pits, avoid rockets or falling rocks and use his head to touch red blocks at the same time, killing the Boss is quite easy.

Although Super Mario Star Scramble doesn’t offer familiar updates such as making Mario bigger or having a gun to shoot, it’s quite fun and interesting to play. So, time to relish this cool game and try your best to finish all the 10 levels successfully.

Good luck, all guys!

  • Movement – left and right arrow keys
  • Jump – Spacebar or Z key
  • Enter a room – up arrow key
Played 145 times
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