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Vex 2

609 plays
About navigate_next Vex 2

Vex 2 is the sequel to the first adventure game in the series developed by Amazing Adam. In this part, you’ll again play the black stickman as you traverse through new terrain and overcome new challenges that are in your way.

The challenges here have been significantly enhanced. Now there are saw blades that open and close making it so you have to time it precisely to get pass them. You have to take advantage of the switches that change the environment making you either jump higher or lower... to pass the seemingly impassable obstacles.

There are gold stars in the stages that you must try and collect. Remember that when you’re underwater, you only have a limited supply of oxygen and if you run out of oxygen before you resurface then you’ll drown.

The game has been updated with 30 achievements for you to get.

Similar to the first game, this game lets you make your own stages however you want to give yourself a challenge

You can also play other games in the series like Vex, Vex 3… with new challenges in stored.

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move the character.
Played 609 times
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