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Instruction is attracting a large number of gamers across the world thanks to its simple gameplay. At first sight, you might see some similar things to Flappy Bird, a very popular game in 2013. But, you can discover new and interesting things as the game develops. What are they? Play to know!

  • After typing a cool nickname, it’s time to start your own challenge! Look at the main screen, do you see a cute bird? Your main objective is to keep this bird from falling to the ground and avoid hitting tons of pipes along the way. Keep in mind that the more pipes you pass, the more scores you get. Since you’re in the .io world, the scores are extremely necessary for increasing your position on the leaderboard.
  • Do you think that it’s so simple and easy? Of course, not. Make sure that you tap on the left mouse continuously; otherwise, the bird will fall down the ground or hit the pipes. And the bad result is that the game is over. Moreover, you can’t guess the height of each pipe no matter how long you play. That’s why overcoming the pipe is a truly tough challenge. Don’t be surprised if you gained nothing for the first time because there are numerous players like you.
  • One interesting thing about this cute game is the bird’s transformation. Whenever acquiring over 10 points, a new bird will appear. Sounds cool, right? With 15 different levels, try you best to own all. Besides, if you try logging in via Facebook, Google, or Twitter, you are able to unlock awesome skins for the bird. Love seeing him in a new costume? Do it now, guys!
  • What’s more, don’t forget to share it with your close friends by tapping on “Play with a Friend” button and challenge each other to see who attains the highest points firstly. Especially, you are free to download it on any Android or IOS device instead of spending a long time on sitting in front of the computer. Get it to savor anytime you want.
  • In a word, easily draws a big intention to other players since it’s fun to play. Actually, you can’t stop till acquiring the highest scores on the leaderboard. With no complicated rules, what you must do is to control the bird skillfully. No time for hesitating! Enjoy it and hope you succeed soon!
Played 510 times
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