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A one-of-a-kind football match is going to happen in and I’m sure you will be super excited when just entering its welcome screen. Instead of playing with 11 footballers, what you see is hostile cars. Have you ever seen the cars are playing football together? Perhaps, in Cars movies, right?

So, it will be your great opportunity to handle the car to play football in the first time. And I’m sure it’s more challenging and interesting than What’s more, you’re brought to a 3D environment that any .io addicts want to experience.

  • As playing as a team, your main task is similar the real football match. In a limited time, which team gains many goals than the opposing one will be the winner. Be easy to understand, right? But, the most difficult action is to guide your car to run around the field to catch the ball and kick a goal. Start acquainting yourself with WASD keys (W to accelerate, S to reserve, and A & D to steer). Make sure you are proficient in directing the car as soon as possible; otherwise, your result will badly affect your team.
  • If you catch the ball and are ready to kick it, don’t forget to tap on Spacebar to boost the car’s speed like a rocket (check its bar at the right-bottom of the screen). And avoid using too much because you might run out of speed for urgent situations. In addition, beware of some boxes on the field and not bump into them because they can deflect your car’s direction.
  • Since each team just has 5 cars to play against the opposing one, you have to do a lot from attacking to defending to help your team come to the final victory. When the time runs out, a board will appear and show which team is the best with the detailed information.
  • Additionally, don’t miss tapping on Options button to try playing all of the modes in Visual Quality including Fastest, Good and Fantastic. Each will bring different and awesome experience for the match. 
  • Everything in sounds great, right? Don’t wait anymore! Access our site and PLAY right now!

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Played 538 times
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