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Gun Mayhem

721 plays
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Gun Mayhem is a shooter type game that runs on the flash web developed by Kevin Gu, with art by Arvin Eksiri and music by Kevin MacLeod.

The game supports up to 4 players and has 2 modes for you to play. Campaign is a mode for beginners and consists of 10 maps (tutorial included). When playing this mode, you’ll be able to unlock new features in the game. The second node is Custom Game mode, where there are 5 stages each with a different requirement to beat the stage.

The interesting thing in this game is that the stages are at different places in different eras. In one instance, you’re fighting in a very modern stage while wearing luxurious clothes, and in another instance you’ll be wearing clothes from the pre-historic era while fighting in a pre-historic stage.

The stages have empty spaces that you mustn’t fall down because falling down will result in losing a life, and if you run out of lives then you lose. Remember that there is no health bar in this game, you just have to shoot your opponents off the stage to erase their lives.

When you begin a match, you’re given a gun and grenades to fight with. However, during a match, weapon boxes will randomly appear. Run to them to get better weapons like a shotgun, a machine gun...

Another interesting thing in this game is that either when you shoot or when you are shot, you’ll be pushed back. The amount of kinetic force created depends on the type of weapon used. There are a total of 64 types of guns in this game and 20 of them you have to unlock to be able to use them.

Besides this game, there are also the sequels titled Gun Mayhem 2 and Gun Mayhem Redux for you to play if you’ve experience all that this game has to offer. You can also play other similar games like Strike Force Heroes, Strike Of War…

  • Player 1 use arrow keys and Player 2 use WASD to move.
  • Player 1 use ] and Player 2 use Y to bomb.
  • Player 1 use [ and Player 2 use T to shoot.
Played 721 times
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