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Zombie Outbreak Arena

251 plays
About navigate_next Zombie Outbreak Arena
Instruction Frosty Haibt - is an extremely interesting game, you must fight the zombies alone. You know when you shoot zombies zombies will come to the east, under the wet rain engine you have to move to avoid falling into the hands of these zombies. It is a top-down shooter. Players are limited to a small area and must kill zombies until they die. Play pretty much inspired games from Crimsonland. I tried to keep the game as general as possible. With a generic name and mostly a general gun and game play. Although I tried my best to polish graphics, sound (still works on most of them) and play games. You can access Dev Menu by clicking Show Dev Menu button at the top right of the game screen. There are several buttons that will allow you to create weapons and bonuses. Also on the left side of the screen, you will see some shortcuts to create zombies, NPCs and other rewards. For anyone interested in more: I want a dark and scary atmosphere with lots of zombies to shoot. So darkness is part of the game. There are rewards and upgrades that will help players see better in the dark. Please let me know if it is too dark for you to enjoy the game. Players only need to run around the game area and like zombies, getting harder and harder. I'm still working on reproductive algorithms but I think it works well for testing. There are 6 types of zombies, 11 different weapons and 13 rewards will be born at the right time. In addition, NPC will reproduce at all times and then they will be equipped with different weapons. There is an upgrade menu that is accessed by pressing Shift. When the game ends, the upgrade will cost points to buy. Still working on it. (also works on its UI section) But for testing purposes, all upgrades are available without points. I would appreciate any suggestions on that. Currently the red seeds reproduce when the player kills a zombie (as a ball) and they move to the player when they are close enough. After that, the player will gain points (or perhaps XP). Then they will be able to spend them to upgrade. Those upgrades will only last until the player dies. Like in the Crimsonland, players must upgrade during each retry. (I am seriously thinking about removing those XP orbs and giving points immediately ... I think it will confuse players as they are now) Right now some people have difficulty increasing over time. I use it to multiply the health, speed, damage and enemies and the maximum number of enemies in the game. You can change it in Dev Menu. At 100 things become crazy fast. I want to hear your opinion about difficult settings. I still have some things to do with UI design, sound effects and need to find a suitable music track. I will continue to work with them. Meanwhile I would really appreciate any kind of feedback. It will be helpful if you can tell me about the FPS value located at the bottom right of the screen. And let me know how the game works on your computer.
Controls Swith weapon [Q] [E], Move play by [W], [A], [S] and [D] , [SPACE] key upgrade menu, [SHIFT] dash forward, You can press [ESC] to go back to main menu and start a new game, Also you can use Mouse Wheel to Zoom In and Out.
Played 251 times
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