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Fireboy and Watergirl

491 plays
About navigate_next Fireboy and Watergirl

In this game, there are two characters including fireboy and watergirl, and each of them must run and jump between fire and water.

The Fireboy: Fireboy is a male character with a red appearance like a fire. He is immune to fire so you can control him to step freely in pools of boiling lava. However, he is so scared of water, so, you must be careful when leading him to jump over the water. When the Fireboy steps into the water, he dies and the game over. In addition, the Fireboy is able to gather the red diamond and he needs to come to the red door to exit.

The Watergirl: As the name of this character, Watergirl is a girl with a blue appearance like the water. She is resistant to pools of water but extremely scared of lava. When jumping into the pools of boiling lava, Watergirl will die immediately and the game over. Different from the fireboy, watergirl can collect the blue diamond and she needs to come to the blue door to get out.

In addition to the special characteristic for each character, both Fireboy and Watergirl must beware of any other puddles on their ways such as the green or black puddle. They will die if step into these puddles.


Fireboy and Watergirl features maze-like level layouts consisting of 3 types of levels, a total of 32 levels with varying completion requirements. Three types of levels include Hexagonal diamond levels, Triangular diamond levels, and Pentagonal diamond levels.

Hexagonal diamond levels: There are total 17 levels in this type. The main mission of the players is also to get to the exit doors as fast as possible while grabbing all diamonds.

Pentagonal diamond levels: There are six levels. The main mission is similar to other levels but its trick is to move both characters simultaneously.

Triangular diamond levels: There are only nine levels of triangular diamond in this type. The players have to try to grab the green diamond and then get to the exit doors.

About Fireboy and Watergirl series

Series Fireboy and Watergirl are one of the most popular series games for children that first released in 2010. At this time, there are total five installments of this series game including Fire Boy and Water Girl 1 (in the Forest Temple), Fire Boy and Water Girl 2 (in the Light Temple), Fire Boy and Water Girl 3 (in the Ice Temple), Fire Boy and Water Girl 4 (in the Crystal Temple), and Fire Boy and Water Girl 5 (in the Forest Temple Again). This series has won numerous honors awards for the best game.

Played 491 times
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