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Return Man 3

653 plays
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At the start of the game, you must run to the yellow zone in time to catch the ball, after that, run as fast as possible to the finish line to win. Remember that the defenders of the opposing team will try to stop you. If you are stopped by the defenders, you lose a possession. There are total 4 possessions in a level and when you lose all your possessions, the game will end.

However, your teammates will help you. If the defenders are close to your teammates, your teammates will stop them. When you run to the finish line, you will complete a match in that level and you will gain points. The point will be calculated based on the time you catch the ball and the time you run to the finish line. The shorter of time you run to the finish line, the more points you earn. There are many levels in this game; each of them has its own challenge and the difficulty will increase following when you get progress.

In Return Man 3, you can use many new special skills, such as stiff arm, front flip, spin, ankle breaker ... Try to complete your missions and unlock them as soon as you can. You have to use special skills effectively to overcome dangerous situations.

Return Man 3 also has 3 blockers for you. Try to unlock the third blocker that is really a big guy. Do not forget to collect power-ups on the field, they can help you run faster than the defenders. Besides, Return Man 3 has many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Good luck and have fun!


In Return man 3, there are 15 stages. In each stage, there are several levels, the exact number depends on each stage. There are two types of weather condition in this game including the normal weather condition and the icy condition. Players have to win the match in each level to move to the next ones. When winning all the level in a stage, they will be able to unlock the next stage. The difficulty will increase following the stage you are in. Usually, there are more defenders in the match at high stage. However, when you get progress, you are also able to unlock the new special moves. These moves can help you to against defenders. This feature makes this game become more challenge and also attracts more players.

Played 653 times
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