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Life The Game

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About navigate_next Life The Game

Bomb It 7 is the seventh episode of the incredibly fun and addictive bomb game series developed by In this part 7, the game retains the features of the previous section as cute graphics, bright colors and suitable for all ages, especially children and family.

The way to play in part 7 is the same as the sixth. The game still allows playing one player and two players on the same PC. However, the game has some differences as follows:

- There are 8 characters for the player to choose from.
- Character image chibi-style.
- Allows custom buttons to control the character to the player's liking.
- There are 7 types of Power-Up items.
- There are 7 types of Weapons Item (completely different from Section 6).
- There are 4 types of Vehicles (completely different from the 6th).
- There are 9 different fashion items.
- Support for 23 different languages (totally different from the 6th).
- Added Missions system (extremely interesting).

After selecting the game mode, you can customize the number of players, the number of players in the map, levels, arena and finally the difficulty of the stage.

The game modes are also different than the sixth:

- Arcade: Destroy all enemies.
- Battle Royale: Kill 10 enemies.
- New Pac-man: collect 100 coins.
- Star collector: collect all stars.
- Ice man: freeze 10 monsters.

Characters and maps as well as items are designed to look cute, and with fun music, the game will bring you hours of extreme comfort and fun.

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About Game:

You think that how many stages in human life and which are they? Enjoy a fun life simulation game - Life the Game to get the answer.

Life the Game - as mentioned above is a life simulation and flash game. This game describes all stages of human from the born until death. And players will have a chance to experience this process through this interesting game. With cute graphics and simple gameplay, this game is very suitable for both children and young people.

On Freegames66, Life the Game is a fun game that is played by thousands of players from all over the world. This game received the rating 7.5 from 1890 votes.


This game simulates stages of human life and it divided into 3 main stages and 13 different parts. The three main stages are the child, gownsman, and old. The child stage is from when you are born to puberty. The gownsman stage is from when you start having date with a girl until you get married to her. And the final stage is from when you having babies until you die. Players will play in the role of a male character and enjoy the life. In each part, you will have to complete a different mission in time. There is a time-bar on the top of the game screen. Depending on the difficulty of each mission, this time-bar will run out quickly or slowly. If you can't complete the mission in time, you will die and force to retry until passing it to come to the next parts. 

Stage 1: The child

  • First of all is the born part. You will have to "effort" to come out from the belly of the Mom because if you got stuck for three days on your Mother womb, you will die. Different from real life, in this game, if you come out successfully, your mother will put you up for adoption and never attempt to contact you again.
  • Part of talking: In this part, you will have to learn how to make sounds and talk by clicking on notes on the game screen.
  • Study: When you can say, now, it's time to go to school. The challenge in this part is about math and you will give the correct answer for a few simple calculations. The answers to these questions are available and your mission is to pick the correct answer to its question.
  • Puberty: Of course, puberty is a very important part in human life. At this part, there are lots of acne in the face and you need to remove them unless want to become a Nipple face guy.

Stage 2: gownsman

  • Date: After the puberty part, now, you need to have a date with a girl. You need to choose a girl that is suitable for you.
  • Sport: Of course, in the life of a young guy, sports is something that can't be ignored.
  • Intern: This is also a memorable part in our life, right? You are interning in a cafe and your first lesson is how to make a cup of coffee. Choose the correct ingredients if you don't want to be fired.
  • Get Married: In this part, it's the time to get married to your girl. You need to choose the correct suits on the wedding day.

Stage 3: When you old

  • Get Kid: Now, your baby will be born. Your mission is to stay side by your wife and help her in this important stage.
  • Midlife Crisis: This is a not very bright parts in your life. There are too many pressure in your life and a travel will help you to regain motivation.
  • Grand Children: When you are very old, you will have lots of grandchildren. Your mission now is to take care of them. Children are so obstreperous and you need to keep them far away from dangers like fire, electric, and poison.
  • Stay healthy: This is the last part in your life and you need to use medicine to stay healthy. Your mission now is to put the medicines in the cup that have the same color as them.
  • Die: The final moment in life and also the final moment of this game. With all the things you have done during life, on your headstone, there are a few words "loved by all” to complete a successful life and game.

How to Play:

  • Use the mouse to click and drag.
  • Press button P to skip.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Each section will have its own play modes and requirements. Pay attention and complete them.
  • If you fail in one section, you can try it again.
  • Most of the stages in this game require the fast-paced of eyes and hand, so, do your best to complete the game.
  • The messages appear when you can't overcome a stage are also very interesting. So, don't be hurry to press the "try again" button. Let's read all these messages, surely sometimes, you'll have to burst into laugh.

Life the game unblocked

Life the game is really an interesting game to play in free time. If you like it and are looking for a safe place that offers this game with unblocked version, Freegames66 is a great choice for you. On this site, we provide players with Life the game unblocked, so, you can access and enjoy it anywhere and anytime you want.

With simple gameplay, bright graphics, and a friendly interface, surely you will have lots of relaxing moments when playing this game on our site. Now, don't hesitate, play!

Played 427 times
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