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Instruction is an interesting casual mobile game that was created by VOODOO at the end of 2017 and supports multiplayer mode. This is really an addictive casual game when becoming a success game immediately after the release date. Until this time, there are tens of thousands of players around the world love playing this game. It is a big success that rare casual game can achieve. In this game, the player will control a rectangular block with the main objective is to occupy as many territories as possible. Almost the players in this game want to get 100 percent and become the number one on the leaderboard.


In this game, there is a fixed size board and the players will control their block on this. The main target is to get 100% by covering as much area as possible by swiping in the direction that they want their block to move in. In the case you enjoy this game on PC, just use the arrow keys or WASD to move. When the block runs out of your own territory, the lighter colored tail will be seen. And if you control it to enclose an area and linking back to the territory, all this territory is conquered. Besides that, in, you will have to compete with 12 AI characters or play with your friend. So, if the tail of your block is crossed by the head of other blocks, you will die immediately. And of course, your conquered territory is also disappeared. In addition, your block can also be defeated by its self if it crosses its own tail or bumps into the borders of the game board.

Played 896 times
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