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Vex 3

596 plays
About navigate_next Vex 3

Similar to its previous installments, in this game, players continue to control the black stickman and overcome various extremely difficult terrains that full of deadly traps. There are a total of 10 acts in this game and of course, each of them is also full of obstacles and traps. However, if you have played two previous games, surely you will surprise with this game because it's even harder. Besides that, depending on the time to complete an act, this game will rank players with 3 different degrees including Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


The fact that challenges here are now much harder as right when you begin the game at stage 1, you’ll already have to overcome quite the challenge due to the game’s complex terrain, and after you finish stage 1, you’ll have to return to the beginning of the level so that you can get to stage 2 which has an even more complex terrain. This repeats for every stage afterward.

Besides that, in each stage, you’ll see lots of additional wooden boxes that don't appear in the previous games. Kicking them to the required locations to use them as platforms will help you to jump over difficult locations. A few stretches or road have hanging ropes to help you get across gaps, some other stretches of road that are icy make you slide a long way across which helps you get past the narrow paths filled with spikes. But you’ll also have to be careful of the flying darts and incredibly fast spinning saw blades. At certain points, you’ll have to break the ice blocks below to make yourself a path or at other points there are places with buttons that will require you to time it precisely in order to jump to the next spot...

In addition to tons of deadly traps and difficult terrain, this game also features with time count that shows players the time they spend to complete an act. This feature makes the game become more attractive because every people want to challenge themselves by trying to complete the game as quick as possible.

Controls How To Play?
  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move the black stickman.
  • Jump from side to side to climb up the walls.
  • Press the down arrow key when standing on the acting block to play new acts.
Played 596 times
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