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Instruction attracts a huge number of .io fans thanks to its interesting storyline and amazing graphics . Go with a small, cute, and colorful worm on his own journey to evolve a real anaconda.

  • NEVER stop guiding him towards delicious food and let him eat as much as he possibly can. At the same time, beware of other dangerous opponents; otherwise, your worm will be their dinner. The only way to control the worm is to use your mouse cursor. When directing it, the worm will follow instantly. But, the trouble is that you can’t STOP his movement. So, just direct him carefully and cleverly so that he can taste all the sweets such as cakes, candies, cookies, chocolates, etc. surrounding the screen. Relying on that, your agile worm develops naturally faster than in other similar games like
  • On the way to become the anaconda, the worm might catch some magic potions for amazing Power-ups. Whenever finding a magic bottle, be quick to grab and drink it. For example, the blue one helps to move fast while the red-blue permits to collect the sweets at the distance. Although the expiration time is between 10 and 40 seconds, remember to gobble up all so that your worm can attain the top rank of the leaderboard.
  • Another exciting feature that the game offers is a cool opportunity to create awesome skins for your worm. If you play as a Guest, you just receive a limited number of free skins. Hence, don’t mind logging with your social account to get more than 30 different three-colored skins and make the worm prettier and funnier.
  • Finally, don’t forget to invite your friends to play together. At, you’re assured to relish non-stop amazing moments and you can’t take your eyes off the screen until being on the top. Play on the web browser  or download its app on your smartphone right now!
Played 616 times
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