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Seek and Destroy

270 plays
About navigate_next Seek and Destroy
Instruction Seek and Destroy is not like any other multiplayer game... In this third-person title you take control of a deadly military helicopter and must engage other players in fierce aerial battles! The controls are easy to pick up and you must take care of every aspect of the helicopter's movement, from altitude and tilt to aiming and firing your weapons. Take great care over your altitude as this can greatly improve your positioning against your enemies. If you have the high ground you can dominate the skies. Your helicopter is equipped with various weapons including a machine gun, heat-seeking missiles and bombs – use your weapons wisely and account for their reload time and ammo capacity. The maps are realistic and the gameplay is fun – can you become an ace helicopter pilot and vanquish your foes?
Controls W to power up S to power down AD to rotate left/right Arrow keys to rotate Left click to fire F or right click to shoot rocket launcher V to shoot heat-seeking missile X to drop bomb Z to lock/unlock altitude L to start/stop engine
Played 270 times
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