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Run 2

516 plays
About navigate_next Run 2

If you have played the first game then here in the sequel, you’ll see that everything has changed. In this game, you will continue to control the grey aliens to overcome all the levels and obstacles on your way. And when you complete a level, the level meter increases. In Run 2, there are no longer holes in space, but instead, you’ll now truly get the feeling of running in the vast empty space as you’ll be jumping between stretches of road to reach the end of the levels. These stretches of road are close to each other but are also short and misleading... making you have to move your Alien carefully in order to maneuver through these stretches of road.  

To increase the game’s difficulty, there are darker, narrow walls that don’t pull you in so you’ll have to avoid those. Besides that, the game also has bonus points. Every time you get a bonus point, the bonus meter increases. However, the bonus points are placed in hard to reach locations, requiring you to be swift and thoroughly understand the level.

This game only has one mode, but you can still adjust the frame rate, game quality and speed of the Alien in the pause menu. Like the first game, all the levels that you beat will be saved so you can continue whenever you want. And also like the first game, you are able to make your own levels to enjoy for yourself or to challenge your friends.


There is a special feature in this game is the double jump. In order to unlock it, you must beat all 62 levels in this game, both runner and skater. In addition, you also have to collect all bonuses in each level.

After you have unlocked it, in order to activate double jump, you must go to the pause menu and click on the little "?" button. This activity is also used to change the character. For example, you will be able to play Skater with a double jump on Runner level set. After press jump, press again the jump button and you will jump very high into the air.

Played 516 times
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