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Rogue Soul

129 plays
About navigate_next Rogue Soul

Rogue Soul is an endless runner game developed by SOULGAME and Not Doppler. In this game, you control a rouge soul who likes to cause trouble, he stole an apple and has since been wanted for 42 gold coins. Thinking that he’s the most popular thief in the area, he happily strolls along until he sees another wanted poster, with a different thief being wanted for up to 5000 gold coins, which makes him upset and becomes determined to cause more trouble and surpass that value.

The way to play “Rogue Soul” is very simple, control the rouge soul and run as far as you can as your bounty will increase depending the distance that the rouge soul has travelled. But you’ll have to be careful because there are many obstructions in the way that you must get pass such as treacherous terrain with obstacles that you must jump over, walls that you must slide under, pits that you must parachute across, guards that you must dodge then counterattack...

Rouge soul is truly an amazing game with many unique abilities such as being able to double jump, throw knives, slide, use pieces of cloth to parachute across large pits... make good use of them to complete the 44 missions in “Rogue Soul”.

There is also another game in this series for you to play titled Rouge Soul 2 or you can also play similar games such as Run, G Switch, Jungle Runner...

  • Use Arrow Keys to move.
  • Use D to use the parachute.
  • Use F to slide.
  • Use G to throw the dagger.
  • User P to pause game.
Played 129 times
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