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Jeff the Killer: Horrendous Smile

104 plays
About navigate_next Jeff the Killer: Horrendous Smile

Jeff the Killer: Horrendous Smile is defined as a horror flash game which has the ability to make you bite your nails. Not to mention that your heart will keep beating like crazy while playing because of its jump scare.

The game follows a specific context, inspired by the character in a famous thrilling story with the same name.

The player has just got up from a long sleep in a dingy and dark house. The lights do not function properly, and a creepy feeling makes you feel overwhelmed.

Jeff the Killer has just visited you in your dream, and you know something is wrong with the house. Therefore, the game requires you to investigate while protecting yourself against strange creatures.

This game lets players enjoy the feeling of horror action and creepy puzzles.

Some outstanding features are:

  • Three different types of weapons: gun, baseball bat, and knife
  • New storyline
  • Amazing jump scares
  • Smooth controls

There is another version of Jeff the Killer: Horrendous Smile for mobile gamers, which is available on Google Play.


You need to use these keys to manage the game:

  • Arrow keys or W A S D to move around
  • Right mouse to aim
  • Left mouse to shoot
  • Mouse Wheel to modify the weapon
  • F to open door
  • Left CTRL to crouch
  • Left Shift to run
  • R to reload
  • Space to jump
  • X to prone
Played 104 times
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