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Dark Cut

174 plays
About navigate_next Dark Cut

Dark Cut is developed by John Cooney . This game is built with Flash technology to run in the modern browsers.

In Dark Cut game, players will use surgical tools of the Middle Ages to heal patients. They have to follow close instructions and use practical medical sense.

Your mission: Mend the medieval man before he meets his maker.

There are 3 patients, each of them has different pains. You need to heal.

  • Captain Harold: suffering from an arrow to the right leg.
  •  Cut off the tails of the arrow with a knife
  • Saw off the arrow
  • Wipeout blood with a rag
  • Use the wooden mallet to hammer in
  • Forcep to pull the arrow out of the leg
  • Place a skin graft onto the hold in his leg
  • Use the hot iron to seal
  •  Unknown Royal guard
  •  He suffers from the bubonic plague on his neck
  • Scrub the boil with a rag
  • Rinse them with vinegar
  • Spit open all boils with a knife
  • Leech onto the open boils to suck on the buboes
  • Cut slit over the collarbone
  • Re-stitch the slit with a needle and thread
  • A vampire
  •  Hang a cross up on the ceiling
  • Aim a wooden stake at its chest
  • Cut a slit into its oblique with a knife
  • Stitch the wound back together with a needle and thread
  • Use the mouse and arrows keys to play
Played 174 times
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