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Tank Trouble

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In this game, players will control a tank which is equipped with so powerful weapons such as Laser, Gatling gun, Booby traps, etc. Their main mission is to destroy all other tanks the map by shooting down them. The special thing is that the game takes place in various maze maps. Besides that, when you shot bullets on the wall, they will bounce off continuously until it hits a tank or the match is over. This is really a big challenge of this game because you totally can kill yourself if can't avoid the bullet in time. This happens even right when all other tanks on the map are destroyed and you think that you're the winner.

In addition, there are some special ammo tiles will appear on the map that when run over will let you that specific type of ammo. You should take advantage of these special ammo tiles because they are so powerful and can help you destroy other tanks easier.


There are three modes in this game including play with Laika, 2 players and three players modes.

In play with Laika mode, you will compete directly with Laika - a dog and NPC of this game. Although Laika is just an NPC dog, her level skill is so high. This means it is very difficult to defeat her. However, if you can kill her many times, you will receive the reward worthy of your effort. The detail information about rewards will be revealed in the next section of this article, now, let's continue with this mode. Play with Laika is a mode for only one player. This means when you are alone and still want to enjoy this game, play with Laika is a great choice for you.

2 Players mode: This mode allows players and their another friend to play together on one computer. They will compete together to find out the winner.

3 Players mode: This mode is for three players. They will play together on one computer and try to defeat all other ones to become the winner. This mode is considered more difficult than the 2 Players mode.

Played 770 times
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