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Snakes 3D

252 plays
About navigate_next Snakes 3D

Snakes 3D is a wonderful io game which brings you back to the old time with a classic gameplay. Before starting the game, you will have to enter your name, which will defines you on the gaming field. Next, let’s start with choosing a skin for your snake, if you don’t like the default colors that the game suggests, you can try creating your own color as the game allows you to choose a totally new one.

You can even choose your grass land location between US and UK. Each grass land already has many players in it, so don’t be so picky. In the game, you will control your snake and explore the amazing game world. You can move around and eat the foods that are lying on the field. There are many rocks, you will have to avoid them as well if you one your snake last longer in the game. For sure, you will see the other players’ snakes on the field as well.

Your snake’s age will be counted and you can see the chart that shows the heaviest and oldest snakes on the grass land. Eating foods on the grass land, exploring the amazing realistic game world, make friends and more, have some fun with the ultimate game Snakes 3D!

  • Use the arrow keys to make a move.
  • Press Space if you want to speed your snake up.
Played 252 times
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