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Run 3

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About navigate_next Run 3

Same as run 1 and run 2, your mission in run 3 is to move your alien to dodge or jump over the holes in space and get to the end of the level safely. However, different from run 1 and run 2, there are some new features in the game run 3 I think you need to know:

  • Galaxy map: Shows your location in space compared to Earth.
  • Explore mode: A regular mode for beginners.
  • Infinite mode: A harder mode where you can collect power cells scattered throughout the roads.
  • Shop: A place where you can buy 11 different aliens’ items (some can be unlocked by clearing specific stages), and unlock other features.
  • Being able to login to Facebook, Twitter to save your score in infinite mode.
  • 8 achievements for you to accomplish and receive power cells.
  • In the levels, there are grey cracked tiles which break away upon touch alongside every other grey cracked tiles that attached to it.

With the newbie, how to play run 3 or how to beat run 3 are the frequent question. Let’s me tell you, it is quiet very easy!

Using button left or right to move, space to jump, P to pause the game and R to reset the game. Also, you can change the game control keys by clicking on it.

Played 804 times
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