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Are you ready to enter a battlefield of and direct your own fidget spinner to compete with other opponents? Take a mouse and start controlling the spinner to move around the playfield and collect as many colorful dots as possible to increase your RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). The quicker your spinner turns around the stronger it takes the dots. Remember that the player with the highest RPM points will become the captain of this game, and you can see his/her name at the top of the rating list (on the right side of the screen). Try to boost your score, okay?

In addition, beware of other opponents with the high number of RPM than yours (4 times) and avoid hitting them; otherwise, you will die and lose all the points. On the contrary, if your score exceeds other players, you can easily beat them with one hit. What’s more, in case that both scores are not differential, you won’t die and just loose some amounts of the RPM. But, you need to be sharp-eyed to observe the points under each fidget spinner and then give quick decisions.

Interestingly, this game also features a useful support for attacking and escaping, called Blue Whirlpools. Try moving your spinner through it to get a quick shot out.

Keep increasing your RPM points and lead the battlefield so that you can invite your friends to play this game at the same area. Aside from sharing the fun, don’t miss a great chance to customize your own spinner with a big collection of various colors, forms, and patterns. You can buy or unlock higher levels or follow this game on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to own different spinners.

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Play as a Guest or log in to update the higher levels and get free spinner skins! Choose any you want and have fun!

Played 269 times
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