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Instruction is an online action flash web game and collect materials. The game has easy-to-read graphics and a very simple but attractive gameplay.

First you will be given a name for your character, your character will be a small dot and your task in the game is to move the little dot to the location of dots in the maps. To eat them. After eating the ingredients, your round dots will grow. And on your way, you can build walls to control the map. Depending on the maps, there are limits to how many % of maps will win, maybe 70%, 80% or 90% ... that means that there is only one white warrior in the map.

The main attraction in the game is that you have to compete with other players, and the rules are simple, when two dots touch each other, the larger dots will win and keep moving, dots are rounded. Smaller players will lose and have to play with the small size of the original avatar. And yet, if you eat other players, the player's control map will turn into yours.

In addition, you can also separate the avatar into 2 so that you can eat more food at the same time or to pursue and destroy the enemy. Note that when split, your avatar will be smaller when not split. You can also shoot the food you eat in order to kill your opponent, and when you shoot it you will also shrink.

Also, in maps, there are structures, which, when eaten, increase the% of control over the map.

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  • Use mouse to control your character.
  • Use X to shoot.
  • Use space to separate multiple fragments.
Played 296 times
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