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Angry Flappy Wings is an interesting game. This game has cute graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children and family. You can experience this game on your browser because it is a flash game.

Have you ever played Flappy Bird? Angry Flappy Wings also has similar gameplay to Flappy Bird. You will also click the mouse to help the bird fly. However, the game has some interesting features:

First, you can play 2 players on the same PC. Each player can choose from 10 birds of different shapes.

Secondly, the bird is capable of firing on the trees to create gaps. You can control the bird flying through these gaps to move forward.

Third, in this game there will be Bosses. Shoot them until their HP bar is 0.

Besides, you can also collect items on the road such as protect shield, stronger weapon ... to be able to fly further.

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As a crazy .io addict, there is no reason for you to miss It’s one of the latest mouse games that is drawing lots of players worldwide. And if you’re in this world long enough, you can recognize some familiar things at first sight. What is it? Land here to explore now!

How to play

  • is quite similar to where you need to help a circle to escape from a maze by finding a correct way towards a pentagon. Of course, the major tool to perform this important task is the mouse cursor. Only move it and then your circle will follow. Besides, when directing the circle, bear in mind not to touch any red areas surrounding the screen or you will be forced to turn back to the starting point and play again.
  • Although it looks like, you don’t need to solve any puzzles. It’s because this game only gives a challenge; that is, click on triangles to open a gate. Whenever seeing any triangle, what you should do is to perform a gentle left click and then it will be removed immediately.
  • Is it truly simple? Maybe, in some first rounds, you just face up to one or two gates. However, when the game develops, more and more tough gates will appear.
  • For instance, the triangle that is used to open the gate in front of the pentagon is locked by another gate. To these situations, you need to think carefully and act wisely. Or in case you see many triangles and cannotopen all at the same time, the best thing is to associate with other players to complete this game. Unlike, requires you to team up with the others to perform the task better.
  • Since there is no leaderboard in this game, supporting each other is a must, right? Relying on that, all are able to overcome each maze successfully. And with more than 20 rounds in, do you think that you will complete at the soonest time? Jump on its main screen and start playing, guys! 

Tips and tricks

  1. Be patient and careful while directing the circle to go through the red areas.
  2. You just open the right gate when clicking on the right triangle. For instance, if the gate is red, find the red triangle and tap on it.
  3. Follow social networks to unlock new skins for the circle


Played 371 times
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