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Can you describe what a real war looks like? Fire is everywhere, helicopters are dropping bombs and people are crying for help. If you want to know clearer, play right away. Unlike Tanx or, the battleground here is more severe and dangerous. If you still believe in your ability, come with me now!

  • Firstly, you need to determine which mode is suitable. King Deathmatch is for those who are interested in playing solo while Conquest features the spirit of the team player. If choosing King Deathmatch, your main objective is to gain 1,000 points in the soonest time. To the Conquest, supporting your team to the final victory is a must. Got it?
  • Secondly, I will talk about how to fight. The only action is to shoot, shoot, and shoot. The more enemies you kill, the higher score you acquire. Always make sure that you are proficient in guiding your tank to move and availing your cannon to aim and shoot. Remember to follow red arrows on the screen since you can uncover where your enemies are. In addition, traveling helps you collect lots of useful Power-ups such as Teleport, Mines, Rapid Fire and more. Make use of them to support you best, okay?

One amazing thing that you can occupy when selecting the King Deathmatch is to own one of three different tanks freely. The Classic is the basic tank that just has 3 random Power-ups (2x). The Mammoth is slow but well-armored. Moreover, it comes with two guns that have a high damage. Last is the Scout. Although this fast tank is equipped with a higher rate of fire, it’s not armored well.

What’s more, it’s all about the indication of rank. Killing the enemies gives a certain number of XP points and it’s vital for ascending in rank. With 20 levels, ranks are divided into bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Who conquers the level 20 successfully will be called Diamond Platoon Commander. Sounds like you’re taking part in a real war, right?

No matter which mode you choose, it’s a great chance to show your excellent shooting skill in Type a great nickname and do your best to gain the top position in both. Good luck!

  • There are two ways for controlling including Simple and Advanced. Though, the mouse is the only key for aiming and shooting.
  • Simple: Use WASD or arrow keys for driving up, left, down and right.
  • Advanced: Use WASD or arrow keys for driving forward, turning left, driving back and turning right.
Played 270 times
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