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Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location

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About navigate_next Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location

In Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, its gameplay is different from its previous installments. Instead of remaining in one place and try to prevent the attacks of the antagonists animatronic, players must move to each room to complete a series of objectives. Of course, the detailed objective will change during each of the five nights but the main goal is still to survival. Let's find out the objective of each night in this game!

Tasks for each night

Night 1

You’re introduced to the place where you will be working in which is an underground facility. You’ll be instructed to zap the animatronics in order to get them operational.

Night 2

You start out do your job as usual but something seems wrong. When you get to Baby’s room, you find that the zap button isn’t working so the A.N.D unit decides to restart the system. While the system is restarting, you’ll have to try and survive as the little animatronics come after you. You are told that the system cannot be restarted and that you’ll have to restart the system manually. Once you return to the center of the building, head to the left vent and then you’ll have to sneak pass Ballora to get to the control room. When you reach the control room, you can then restart the systems. But remember, once there you’ll still have to deal with another animatronic.

Night 3

Your job in this night is to reach the repair room at the end of the right hallway where an animatronic is needing to be repaired. You need to get something from the animatronic, but on the way, you’ll have to sneak pass another animatronic that’s active. Also remember that after you’ve taken what you need from the animatronic that is needing repairs, you’ll still have to deal with the little animatronic on its arm.

Night 4

You got caught and are placed in a spring lock suit. Outside the suit, there are Minireenas that climb up the suit to try and kill you. Your objective is to shake them off while trying to keep the spring lock suit wound up so that it doesn’t collapse onto you. Try to survive until the night ends.

Night 5

When you turn on the lights in the two rooms, you find that there are two people hanged there and then you’re told to get to the repair room. After you arrive at the repair room, the ghost that you heard in previous night’s now instructs you to do few things for it. But while following the instructions of the ghost, you’ll have to deal with another animatronic that wants to kill you.

Controls How To Play

Use the mouse to choose what you want to do and pay attention to the instructions as you will be doing different things each night.

Played 764 times
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