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Instruction is a great agario-esq and fast-paced video game. The game offers you a great experience with the superspin element. In this game, you control a fidget spinner and you will compete against other online players in a map filled with crystals. The crystal is your food and your task is to eat as much crystal as you can to become the best fidget spinner.

At the beginning of the game, you can customize your fidget spinner (choose a nation, select the color). After that, you will step into the battlefield. Each time you eat a crystal, your fidget spinner will become bigger and it will spin faster. If you see a smaller spinner fidget than you, you can move to it and destroy it.

Note that each time you kill an opponent, you will have extra points. Besides, the interesting point in this game is that you can use the accelerated feature. However, when you use this special feature, you will lose some of the crystal. So make sure you only use it in emergencies. Try to become the 1st Rank on the leader board. Have fun!

  • Use your mouse to control the fidget spinner.
Played 306 times
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