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Gods of Arena

287 plays
About navigate_next Gods of Arena

Gods of Arena is an action fighting game developed by IrIy Soft and sponsored by com and

The game tell the tales of Cornelius, the prince of Imperium Romanum. After coming back from a long trip, he receives news that his father has passed away three days prior. Everyone along with the gold, furniture, jugs and everything are gone. Reason being that the creditors took everything when his father died. All Cornelius has left is the advisor Doctore, a ludus and one gladiator. Your objective in this game is to start out with this one gladiator, train him and get more fighters so that Cornelius’ army will become more powerful.

You’ll have to fight in the Zucchabar arena against tough opponents. Remember that after each round, the opponents will be stronger and the number of opponents will increase. You can’t interact much when your gladiators are in a battle except for using special skills. All that you need to do is prepare for your gladiators as best you can before stepping into a battle.

At the end of each battle, if you win then you’ll receive EXP and gold. When your gladiators have enough EXP, they will level up and their stats will increase. There are 5 stats consisting of Attack (the amount of damage you deal to your opponents), Health (the amount of hit points your gladiators have), Defense (the chance to block your opponents’ attacks), Accuracy (the chance for a hit and a critical hit) and Agility (the speed of your attacks and the amount of time required to recharge your skills). Gold is used to buy equipment in the Blacksmith. There are 6 slots to equip for each gladiator which are the head, shoulders, chest, arms and legs. All the equipment sold in the Blacksmith have different prices. You can sell the equipment that you currently have you get a certain amount of gold back. Also there are some weapons that have special skills. Remember that some equipment and weapons are only for specific types of gladiators.

You can buy gladiators at the Market, different gladiators will have different base stats, are able to use different types of weapons and equipment and each gladiator will have a different cost.

The game also has a Trophies system, however it is currently only available when playing online. The unique thing about this game is that other than getting gold from winning matches in the arena, you can also do quests scattered around the map. These quests will have different difficulties ranging from 1 to 3 stars and the higher the number of stars, the more gold you’ll receive.

The game gives us 2 types of save files which is local save files and online save files so that we can continue the game at any point in time without losing the progress that you’ve made.

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The game mostly requires you use the mouse.

Played 287 times
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