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About navigate_next Hex FRVR

Released in 2015, Hex FRVR has become one of the trendiest puzzle video games online. The father of this game is Chris Benjaminsen, an indie developer; and it was launched by FRVR. Hex FRVR was the result of Chris’s practice on his HTML5 skills, so this addictive video game runs smoothly in most browsers.

The game became viral when it received more than 1,500 comments on Reddit. The author himself admitted that the Reddit post was “definitely what made the game explode. While I have been successful with distribution before, I have never done anything like this."

It’s a single-player game, which allows you to select themes depending on your taste. This game also includes music and coin features, too.

  • It’s a fascinating game yet simple to play. The players will be given an empty hexagon-shaped board and differently-shaped blocks to play. Each turn, you only have three blocks to place onto the board. When a line is formed, it will automatically disappear. Your target is to create as many lines as possible and keep the game continuing. You can also earn extra points when you have combos. When you cannot put any assigned blocks onto the board, the game is over.
Played 214 times
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