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About navigate_next Galoslice

Are you a big fan of Puzzle .io game? If you are, congratulations, you have found one of the most fantastic food Puzzle games to give a try! Imagine that there are 6 dishes around you, each is divided into 6 small pieces. You will be given the food to your own dish. Notice that the food given to you is totally random in the number of slices and the way they are arranged! Your mission is to put your food on these 6 dishes as much as you can, but they can’t be put onto each other. If any dish is fulfilled, it will be cleared to be like a brand new one.

The gameplay is divided into many levels. Each successful arrangement gives you points which are used to help you pass the levels. In the bottom of the screen, you can see the upcoming slices to have a better arrangement. After you finish an arrangement, you can see a timing bar right under your dish. This bar runs out really fast and it is for players who want to take challenge in the game.

You can earn some bonuses by working the slices out as fast as you can to make an endless combo! The scores earned by combo are definitely higher than normal and this will help you pass the levels faster. After finishing a level, you can share your scores on Facebook and invite your friends to join the game. Gatoslices is obviously not a super difficult game, but its theme with food and nice move will be a great choice for your relaxing moments!

  • Drag your mouse to move the slices.
  • Release your mouse to put the slices on the dishes.
Played 358 times
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