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Retry Again

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Hemp Tycoon is a great arcade game developed by This Is Pop. If you are looking for a game with interesting gameplay and cute graphics then this game is for you. In this game you control Hempy, a cute tree. Since the day Hempy sprouted, he dreamed of becoming an Industrial Hemp Tycoon. And now, you will take control of Hempy and help his dream come true. With cute graphics and soft sounds, I believe you will enjoy this game a lot.

At the start of the game, you appear in Attic. Money is required for a lot of things in Hemp Tycoon. First, you need to choose a plot of land as well as buy seeds to plant. At level 1, you can only buy basic seeds like Baby Verde, Verde and Tri-Verde. You need to level up to unlock new seeds and features. Note that you must water and harvest your plants, otherwise they will die. Each time you water and harvest a plant, you get experience points.

You gain money from selling plants after they’re grown. When you have enough money, you can buy helper stuff such as Pizza, Bananas, Dice, Cards, Flowers, Rocks, Gnomes and Horseshoes. Each item here has different prices and uses, but I will let you figure it out by yourself. Besides that, you can also expand your operation. When you reach level 10 and 20, you can unlock the Field and the Island. Now it's time for you to experience the game. Good luck and have fun!



RETRY AGAIN is a unique one-touch game. You can experience this game on your web browser.

This game is very difficult, just like its name; you will have to play it many times to complete the stage. In the game, you will have to control the plane to get the gold coins and land at the "location" that the stage requires.

The challenge of the game is the terrain of each stage. Gold coins will appear in very difficult places, such as near walls, near clouds, near the ground ... And if you encounter these obstacles, you will lose.

In addition, the plane is very difficult to control. If you hold the mouse for too long, it will fly and form a circle, if you release the mouse, it will fly to the ground, and you lose ...

There are also other similar games that you can play like Flappy Bird, Another Planet 2…

How To Play:

  • Use your mouse to control the plane.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can play games in full screen mode.
  2. The game has a total of 18 stages.
  3. When you land safely, you will receive a star. The remaining two stars will appear in the map.
Played 264 times
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