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If you want to face up to real opponents in a very new real-time strategy .io game, will be your best destination. Wonderfully, it’s totally free so that you can play on any browser or even download it on your smartphone (for Android) to enjoy anytime.


After tapping on the PLAY button, you will be brought to a dangerous world filled with fire, rock, and magic. Here, you are a KING and your main task is to create the most powerful kingdom in But, how?

First of all, you need to capture tiles on the battlefield and then expand your territory surrounding. Let’s move the left mouse from your main base towards other tiles and click on them. Then the number at the base will transfer to the tiles and they will become yours. But, keep in mind that these numbers at the tiles won’t increase automatically like the base. Therefore, you need to increase it by turning back to the base so that the number from there can transfer to the tiles you want.

This way is also similar to dealing with the opponents on the battlefield. Whenever catching anyone, make sure you’re quick to send the bigger number on their tiles. Relying on that, you can defeat them and occupy all their tiles. In addition, you should observe some available bombs and get away from them because they can destroy your tiles. Of course, you have no idea where they are. So, if seeing any, just find another way.

Truly, I have a cool strategy for those who prefer to play aggressively at the beginning. Just go directly the opponent’s main base and attack. This way helps to send the high number from your base to knock out the opponent and then turn their base to yours. However, you’re requested to be agile or you will become a victim.

Generally, there are different tactics and all mainly depend on each player’s fighting style. Try to create your own strategy and complete with the best result, guys. Hope you succeed soon!

Played 273 times
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