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Time to overcome a big and challenging goal of including fending off thousands of zombies, earning as much gold as you can, and surviving as long as possible! Firstly, direct your character towards available resources on the screen and then tap your mouse to collect a large number of stones and wood. Then build Gold Stash in order to start establishing your base and defending the zombies. Spending 5 wood and 5 stones on creating Gold Mine is your next step to produce gold and upgrade buildings.

Along with, you have to construct Towers and Walls to stop the zombies’ attack. There are some kinds of the Towers with different functions such as Arrow Tower, Cannon Tower, Melee Tower, Bomb Tower, and Mage Tower. So, consult carefully and place them wisely to increase your attacking and protecting ability. Luckily, you don’t have to face up with the zombies at every turn because they just appear at night. That means you need to work hard in the morning to build, rebuild and fortify your towers and fort. Remember that after a wave of the zombies, the next one will be more difficult.

Aside from doing above actions, don’t forget to upgrade the Gold Stash with your earned gold (check its number at a board in the right corner). Relying on that, you can upgrade the power of the Towers and Walls. Moreover, you can visit the Shop to purchase new pickaxe and weapons.

Another interesting thing is that you can play with other friends to boost your chance of survival. And if you’re on a team, it might be easy to get a great bonus after defeating a boss at every level 8, 9, 17, etc.


Use WASD or arrow keys to direct the character and the mouse to turn. To gather the resources, build, and attack enemies, just tap the left mouse; meanwhile, Spacebar is to auto-attack. Hit E to upgrade, T to sell, and F to heal. And for buying necessary items, please remember buttons B and P.

Played 976 times
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