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Let’s entertain yourself with another fantastic war between mighty robots in, all .io gamers! Believe that you are able to control the robot better? Play and see now!

At the beginning, you only choose Free For All; meanwhile, the Last One Standing and Survival Mission are locked. However, don’t underestimate this mode because it’s extremely interesting to experience. Free For All requires you to support a robot to defeat all the opponents and try to acquire the highest position on the leaderboard. It sounds similar to any .io games, right?

So, the first important thing is to direct the robot to move around for collecting coins and necessary items for enhancing its attack and defense. At the same time, watch out for everywhere because the enemies can appear and attack anytime. Remember to dodge carefully and then counter-attack by firing hard towards the enemies since every success will give you lots of cool things.

Additionally, gathering a large number of coins is helpful for upgrading your robot to a new level. With 5 different types, you must try all and find out which one is suitable most.

Aside from gaining the top position on the leaderboard while playing, acquiring a high rank on the global scoreboard for every mode is rather important. Hence, if you log in an account, it’s easy to save your progress instead of playing as a Guest only.

Last but not least, you can download this game on your smartphone (for iOS or Android) and relish it anytime you want.

Well, are you prepared for an epic robot battle in I’m sure that it will be a superb time to get started. Travel with hundreds of gamers and see who is the best.

  • Guide the robot to move – WASD
  • Change directions – the left and right arrow keys
  • Aim and shoot – the left mouse
  • Boost the speed – Spacebar
Played 294 times
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