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Vortex Point 6

304 plays
About navigate_next Vortex Point 6

Let’s start your free time with a fantastic game like Vortex Point 6. Produced by MouseCity, Vortex Point 6 is an Adventure game that centers on Point and Click elements. The game allows its player to play in different languages with eight different languages available.

On choosing the language, you will have chance to read the strange sentence on the screen “Possession and Exorcism is something that’s in every religion and every culture...” The game opens up a deep and dark fear of anyone in this world, the supernatural forces. Vortex Point 6 introduces to you three friends Kevin, Craig and Caroline that are investigating the criminal crime.

At the beginning of the game, you can see the friends are talking about a case that relates to a boy who steals a magic statue. Now, the friends need to dig their hand in as soon as possible, if not, the result will be a total disaster. You will take the role of Kevin, one of the friends to go and investigate the case.

Vortex Point 6 allows you to use move around the game world and interact with items, locations and the other characters. While the items and locations you see can give you clues, the characters that you talk to will lead you to the right places that you need to go. Get your chance to explore the wonderful game world of Vortex Point 6, where everything is possible!

  • Use the computer mouse to tap on the items, locations and other characters.
Played 304 times
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