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Tiny Town

139 plays
About navigate_next Tiny Town

Tiny Town is an amazing Stimulation game in which you will try your best to build up a town on your own and try to enlarge it through levels. Your task in this game is turning the settlement into a mega polis. The first one and only building you have when you start the game is a city hall. You will have to tap on it so you can change rations and taxes.

The building needs upgrade as well. In the tiny town, you will see many locations which is labeled “Sale”, you can buy these locations and build up Factories. These factories will help you earn money and the population of your town will be increased as you produce enough foods for everyone.

The game offers you with a set of different levels and you will have to accomplish each level mission in order to surpass it. Some levels in the beginning will requires you only the acceptable amount of cash and population so you can easy manage to get through it. The further you progress in the game, the harder the game will get.

The city hall that you build up in the beginning will also be upgraded through each level. Every building in your town requires different treatments, you will have to manage them well if you want to advance further and further in the game. Tiny Town serves the wonderful stimulation game with beautiful graphics and amazing gameplay. Don’t miss this good one or you will regret later!

  • Follow the in-game instructions.
  • Use the computer mouse to make options in the game.
Played 139 times
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