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The World Easyest Game

277 plays
About navigate_next The World Easyest Game

Right when you jump into this game, you will receive a lovely message that guides you a bit about this game. I will quote all of that message for you here: “Your reputation as intelligent individual proceeds you. That, however, is not the name of the game today. I am a Queasy cat and due to an unfortunate condition, I can’t stand the sight of a difficult question. All of the following questions will be easy. I mean Really Easy. Don't make them difficult or you will fail. Like me, you will get 9 lives, and only 9. I'll be timing you, so get ready!”

As the message of the Queasy Cat, in this game, you will have to answer the questions of him. There are total of more than 100 different questions in this game. They are about different areas of knowledge and they are not easy to answer (except for the first few questions). So, you have to think carefully before giving your answer.

Like the cat, for each time you play this game, you will have 9 lives. Every time you make a mistake, you lose 1 life. When you lose all your lives, you will lose and the game will end. Every time you guess right, you get points. Try to get as many points as you can.

Each question has a Timer. The faster you answer a question; the more points you have (if you guess right). Note: Some questions will troll you.

Controls How to play
  • In the multiple choices question, you just use the mouse to select your answer.
  • In the rest questions, you can use the arrow keys to move or the mouse to select depending on each question.
Played 277 times
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