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Tactical Assassin Substratum

272 plays
About navigate_next Tactical Assassin Substratum

Dead Samurai 2 is part 2 of this interesting fighting series developed by Wolf Games. The game is very eye-catching and you can play it on web flash.

In Part 2, the gameplay is similar to Part 1. You will also be given one of the eight Samurai and battle. If you win, you will earn points. Use this point to buy features, buy equipment and use it in the next battle.

Features and equipment that you can buy will include Extra Life, 25% HP Recovery, Shuriken, AK 47 rifle, shotgun, cannon, fire sword, horse, helicopter and grenade. And do not forget to perform powerful combos to finish your opponent.

Besides, the game also has 2 players mode, you can play with your friends on the same PC. You can also adjust the settings in the Main Menu interface for the best gaming experience. You can adjust Graphics, Flash quality, screen shake, weather effects, reflections, blood.

There are also other games in the series for you to play like Dead Samurai as well as similar games that you can play like Straw Hat Samurai, Mushashi…


About Tactical Assassin Substratum

Tactical Assassin Substratum is an interesting shooter game. This game has simple graphics, suitable for all ages. You can play this game because it is a flash game.

This game has many stages, each stage is a different challenge for you. In this game you will become a sniper. Your task is to complete the tasks in each stage.

Before starting a mission, you will be provided with information such as the story about your target, the target you have to assassinate, some other information (the surrounding scene, the actions of your target) ...

The interesting point in this game is that each stage will have eggs. They will be very small and very difficult to detect. However, if you shoot at them then you will have more points.

If you like this game, you can also play others games with the same game play such as Tactical Squad, Trollface Sniper in Space …

How to Play:

  • Use mouse to aim and shoot in this game.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can play this game in full screen mode.
  • You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.

Played 272 times
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