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About navigate_next Superfighters

After the success of Superfighters game, the group of developer decided to create the new installments for it. They are Superfighters Deluxe and Superfighters 2 Ultimate.

Superfighters Deluxe is the sequel of the Superfighters game that was created to respond to the growing demand for an online version of its original game. This game project was moved from Adobe Flash Player to Microsoft XNA Framework and released on July 14th, 2012. You can purchase this game on Steam.

Superfighters 2 Ultimate is also another sequel of Superfighters game. This game is the updated version of the original game and just released in January 2018.


In this game, the main mission of players is to kill all enemies on the map and thus win the game by using different weapons. You can use different sauces such as stealthily sniping enemies from afar, take down many enemies at the same time by using explosives or shoot down opponents using powerful guns, etc.

In addition, you can carry with your one melee weapon, one gun and one grenade at a time. To replace a weapon in one of these slots, duck and press the melee key when near a weapon. On the stages, there will be obstacles like explosive crates, making it so that you have to be careful when you get close to them as you can be burnt and lose health when it explodes. You can also break wooden crates, roadblock bars... to move forward.

There will be random weapons lying around the stage that you can pick up and use in the match. Remember that when using a gun, you have to aim and shoot because if not, the gun will only fire in a straight line.

Besides that, there are three basic modes in this game including VS mode, stage mode, and survival mode. In each mode, the gameplay and strategy have a bit different. However, the main mission of players is still to eliminate opposition players to become the winner.

In general, this game like a hearty meal of fighting and your main task is to enjoy it all.

Played 262 times
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