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Super Smash Flash

443 plays
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Mario is back in Super Smash Flash, all game lovers. Furthermore, a series of popular characters such as Pikachu, Sonic, Link, Kirby, etc. attend to give you a big and exciting fight. Are you ready to join? Here we go!

First of all, you need to decide which game mode you want to enjoy. If you prefer to play solo, tap on 1-P Mode. Or in case you want a multiplayer battle, VS. Mode will be a great selection. In addition, there are different parts in each mode that are suitable for any level. As a beginner, please take part in Training to know how to play. To the pro, don’t mind choosing Regular Match.

The main objective is to assist your chosen character to find the last victory after coping with a variety of opponents. Make sure you learn how to direct the character to move, jump skillfully and attack accurately to put your opponent to death soon. Although this game only offers one key to fight, you are able to combine it with other keys to create new types of attack that you can use.

For instance, the combination of two actions of ducking and attacking will send awesome attacks when your character is on the ground or in the air. Or guide him to move and assault at the same time to generate “Smash” attack. Sound greats, right?

As outlined above, this cool game introduces lots of characters. And each has a different ability. Some use hand to hand combat techniques while the others avail projectile attacks. Besides, you might unlock other cool characters if completing different small requests. So, the most interesting thing is to experience all the characters and find the one you want to work with.

Last but not least, remember to type an impressive name and play hard to get a high score in Super Smash Flash. Don’t be hesitant anymore! Click on its main screen and enjoy now!


Player 1

  • Move: left and right arrow keys
  • Jump: O
  • Attack: P
  • Duck: up arrow key

Player 2

  • Move: A & D keys
  • Jump: G
  • Attack: F
  • Duck: S
  • To pause the game, hit Backspace.
  • To enlarge the game screen, hit Ctrl + F.
Played 443 times
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