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Drill or be drilled? Land on the main screen of DRILLZ.IO and find an accurate answer now!

At this time, you will support a small drill to become the strongest drill in the world. But, how can you attain it? Truly, it’s quite easy as long as you focus on drilling the requested resource.

  • First, you need to collect 50 pieces of wood from hitting the trees. Then you will receive a wooden drill.
  • Then gather 50 pieces of stone to get the stone drill.
  • And continue drilling coal and other resources on the screen.

The most important thing is that you have to gather in the right order. For instance, if you’re collecting the stone, you cannot drill the coal or gold. But, it’s okay to take more wood from the trees.

So, how to determine the resources to drill? Use your intuition or just follow messages from the game. In case you mine the wrong one, you will receive an alert right away.

Aside from collecting the resources, you should watch out for other players because they might attack you suddenly. If your drill is not powerful enough, the best way is to run away. In case you’re confident of the drill, just spin it to fight against your enemies. In addition, you can take advantage of available resources from your own Inventory in order to build a base since this is helpful to help you avoid the enemies’ attack.

After all, always remember that upgrading the drill is crucial because it does not only enhance your drilling speed but also improve your attack power. Relying on that, you can protect yourself better and then get an easy way to the top position on the leaderboard.

So, what will you do right now? Tap the PLAY button and enjoy fantastic things from DRILLZ.IO, of course. Can you attain the amethyst drill as long as getting the highest score? Time to perform and wish you success, guys!



Continue joining a very stunning playground where hundreds of players are trying to shoot down each other to acquire the best title in Think that you’re a sharpshooter after experiencing lots of awesome shooting .io games such as,, and more? Will you complete this game with the best result? Land on here now!

How to play

  • Before starting any .io games, you should know that the major aim is to overcome other players and be on top as long as possible. And this game is not an exception.
  • Take a look at small triangle spaceships and try moving the mouse cursor around the screen to control them to fly. Then tap on the left mouse to test the weapon. If everything is okay, let’s fight, guys.
  • At the beginning, you need to show your aggressiveness to knock other spaceships down. Of course, your only action is to shoot, got it? Try to aim and perform accurately and quickly in order to kill as many opponents as possible. Besides, don’t forget to dodge their counter-attack as well as avoiding falling into any chaotic encounters or your spaceship can get damaged with ease.
  • But, why do you spend much effort on shooting without letting the spaceship auto-fire? View a box of AUTO-FIRE at the top of the screen and click on it so that your ship can auto-fire instantly. Relying on that, you canconcentrate on dodging or avoiding hitting any opponents.
  • Another important thing that you should carry out is to build up your spaceship by accumulating other small triangle ones or defeating the others to steal theirs. And if you can auto-fire, this game permits you to auto-grow the number of spaceships. Hence, what you just do is to click on both boxes of AUTO-GROW and AUTO-FIRE.
  • So, can you conquer this space arena at the soonest time, guys? Time to express your best shooting skill and gain a final victory in! Good luck! 

Tips and tricks

  1. In case the AUTO-GROW is off, you should hit W or the right mouse to manually grow your spaceship.
  2. Attacking the opponents with the large spaceships helps to grow your spaceship quickly.
  3. Never come out of the red border or the game will be over right away.
  4. Follow social networks to unlock new skins for your spaceship.
  5. Be free to download this cool game to your smartphone (iOS and Android)


Played 248 times
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