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Radical Fishing

363 plays
About navigate_next Radical Fishing

Still wondering what game to play today? Try this incredible Radical Fishing game. Radical Fishing is a super simple web game that centers on Shooting and Fishing. The game leads you to a fun world of a man named Billy who does fishing. What you need to do in the game is control Billy to catch as many fishes as you can.

At first, you will avoid the fish and get as low as possible. The game allows you to sink your hook to the maximum depth of 50m. You will see the hook keep sinking until it suddenly catch the first fish. At that moment, Radical Fishing will tell you to start catching fishes.You will have to control the mouse and move around the screen so so can catch the fishes that are swimming.

The game will count the number of fishes you catch, After you get these fishes out of water, these fishes will be thrown up to the sky. Your mouse will turn into a spot on the screen. You will use this spot to aim at the fishes and shoot them hard. After you have done all those task, there will be a summary of your performance including Deep, High, Kill and Cash. You might discover a new type of fish as well. Radical Fishing brings in a shop with 25 equipments.

You can shop for what you need using the cash you have earned from the last level. With super cool gameplay, Radical Fishing promises you a new type of game that can relax your sense after a hard day at work. Check it out now!

  • Use the computer mouse to catch fish, shoot and make changes to the screen.
Played 363 times
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