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Created by Profusion Studios, is rated as one of the greatest .io games that are attracting a huge number of players from over the world. At first, you might find some similarities to the original Nokia snake game and a very new .io game of But, you soon discover that this playground is more fantastic and exciting. Down here and explore!


Your main character in this game is an electric light. Though, I reckon that it looks like a colorful snake.

Start making acquainted with him and learn to guide him to move around by tapping on WASD/arrow keys. Although it sounds simple, you must be proficient because they are the only keys to help you acquire the biggest goal. Of course, you know what it is; that is, attain and maintain at least the top 10 on the leaderboard.

And now, look the main battlefield and take action now, guys! Begin to direct your electric light to run closer to the others in order to boost his speed. Then run across so that their head hits his tail and explode. Relying on that, he is able to take his opponent’s energy crystals. The more crystals you have, the higher spot you can get.

So, the most interesting thing is that you don’t need to pay attention to those who are smaller or bigger than you to attack or dodge. It’s because you can defeat anyone as long as you’re agile in directing your electric light. When the main action is to concentrate on attacking, the battle will become more fascinating. You don’t need to move around for finding the available crystals since your enemies are holding them. Just kill them and everything will be yours.

Besides, don’t forget to observe a mini-map to determine where the 1st player is. If you defeat that person successfully, you will become the King of this battle with a shining crown on the head.

What’s more, this game allows you to download it on your smartphone (for iOS and Android). Relying on that, you can play anytime you want. Sounds awesome, right?

Don’t waste time anymore! Play and relish fun moments instantly!

Played 269 times
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