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Plants vs Zombies HTML5

334 plays
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Instruction Plants vs Zombies HTML5 is coming soon!
Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense type game developed and published by PopCap Games. Your objective is to defeat all the zombies that are trying to get into your house by placing plants down to fight against them.
There are many types of plants in this game(49 in total), each with a different use: plants that shoot in a straight line, plants that blow up when zombies are near, plants that burn an entire row of zombies, plants that temporarily halt the zombies progression...
Placing down plants requires sun points. These sun points randomly appear on the screen and you have to click on them to collect them, if not then after a short while, the sun points will disappear. You can also plant Sunflowers which will occasionally produce sun points for you to collect. Each type of plant each costs a certain number of sun points to plant.
The level has multiple dirt tiles for you to plant down plants with each tile being able to hold 1 plant. You can make combinations of the different types of plants in each lane to defeat the zombies faster. Remember that there are levels that have no dirt tiles, making it so that you either have to place lily pads or plant pots in order to place down plants in those specific spots.
Also when you reach certain level marks, you get to play some interesting minigames.
At the end of each level, there’s a final wave so you’ll have to be careful as a lot of zombies will rush in. Remember that when a zombie is near a plant, the zombie will try to eat the plant.
Controls The mouse
Played 334 times
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