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If you’re looking for a new and exciting bird battle arena in the .io world, will become your excellent choice. Developed by Arrada Studios, this brand-new online multiplayer game is attracting a large number of gamers all over the world. So, visit here and be one of them now, guys!

At first sight, your main character looks like a bird in You can keep it or customize to create a new look. Do anything you like and then start guiding your bird to fly around, search for opponents on the screen and knock out them. But, how to do?

  • First, try observing a ball that automatically rotates around the bird like a moon around the Earth. This ball is one of the main tools to help you kill other players. Since you only have one ball at the beginning, please defeat the others to grab their balls. Three balls are an ideal number to beat the others.
  • In addition, your bird can release a powerful ring to dash the opponents. However, avoid using too much because this can decrease the ball’s size remarkably.

Keep in mind that the bigger the ball is, the better it can hurt the enemies.  So, to increase its size, the next action is to direct your bird to collect shining pellets on the screen. Similar to any .io games, collecting is necessary to add power as well as scores on the leaderboard. In case you don’t meet any opponent, just spend your time on eating as many pellets as possible.

In sum, all help you attain the final objective; that is, overcome other players and gain the top spot on the leaderboard. Are you confident that you are able to complete this game and become the biggest bird ever?

Play and show your best result now!

  • Fly – A & D keys or left & right arrow keys
  • Dash – Spacebar
  • Grab – W, S & P
Played 336 times
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