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Papa louie 2

303 plays
About navigate_next Papa louie 2

Papa Louie 2 is the second installment in this action game series developed by Matt Neff and Tony Solary from Flipline Studio. In this game, you can choose to play either as a guy (Marty), a girl (Rita).

When you begin the game, you get to watch an introductory video about the game: You were serving customers on the special Free Burgers Day when a strange customer appears and throws a weird looking coin into the tips jar. Then a rift suddenly appears and monsters are seen coming out of it as they drag all the customers and you into the rift. Your job now is to defeat all the monsters in your path and save all the customers that they’ve captured and bring them back to our world.

Remember that in each stage, you have 3 hit points and if you touch a monster, you’ll lose a hit point. The game also has a timer to time how long it took for you to finish the stage. Try and collect gold coins and flowers to get more points.

With the regular monsters, you can jump on their heads to stun them or you can hit them. With burger monsters though, you can’t defeat them immediately and instead are required to beat them up until they fall apart.

When you complete a stage, you’ll receive new skills to help you with later stages.

The game also has other titles in the series like Papa Louie, Papa Louie 3…, restaurant management versions like PAPA'S PASTARIA, PAPA'S CUPCAKERIA…

  • Use Left and Right arrow keys to move.
  • Use Up arrow key to jump/climb up.
  • Use Down arrow key to climb down.
  • Use Space to attack.
Played 303 times
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