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Land on and take part in a hostile battle between human and monsters, all game addicts! I’m sure that you will get lots of unique and interesting things than only fighting against zombies in Are you curious? Jump here and explore now!

As an endless PVP fight, you’re free to choose a team including Team Men or Team Monsters. Which one do you like? Pick up one and support your teammates to defeat other opponents! If you’re a monster, your task is to bring a terror to the city. In case you’re a man, you need to get rid of the monsters as soon as possible. Of course, each character has different and unique abilities. But, make sure that you can distinguish between your team and opponents via observing the color. For instance, your name is green, so avoid shooting who has the same color with you.

To your enemies, don’t hesitate to aim and shoot them down. Relying on that, you can take more XP points for leveling up and unlocking powerful creatures and units. Additionally, finishing the objective of the round will give you and your teammate some special stuff. Last but not least, don’t forget to collect green points to acquire a high position on the leaderboard.

The more time you play, the more fun you discover. Invite your friends to join by tapping on Party Mode button and send them a link! Or Login via your social network’s account to receive awesome rewards from this game. Especially, don’t miss choosing different maps across the world to experience such as Europe, North America, or Africa! Hope you have a great time with!


WASD or arrow keys are to direct your character. The mouse is to aim and shoot. Z key is to activate the primary attack while X key is for the second one. Scroll the mouse or tap on Q&E to zoom out or in the map. U is to toggle the upgrade panels.

Played 172 times
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