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Instruction will bring you to a land full of the sharpshooters across the world and ask you to finish all of them off in the soonest time. Will you accept this challenge? I know you can do it well, .io addicts. Take it and demonstrate what you’re truly good.

The only way to survive in this game is to shoot down everyone and climb up the highest position on the leaderboard like other shooting games. Run, walk or jump around and then shoot down anyone you catch. Especially, you can fly by using a jetpack. Sounds similar to, right?

However, you don’t need to collect any gasoline to activate the jetpack because you can avail it anytime you want. In addition, don’t spend too much time on traveling and looking for other weapons because all are on the welcome screen. You’re free to choose any you want such as a short gun, rifle, pistol, etc. And keep in mind to test all in order to pick up the most appropriate one for you. Got it?

When attacking the enemies, make sure you’re quick and skillful to dodge their attack. At the same time, do your best to send accurate shots, especially try aiming at their head. In case that you’re chased by someone, you should take full advantage of the jetpack to fly as much as possible since they feel hard to perform a headshot. Always notice three bars (Health, Ammo, and Jetpack) and a mini map at the bottom to support you in killing the opponents well.

Another interesting thing is that you can change your shooter’s appearance freely. With different heads, body, and legs,try to combine them together to make your character impressive and interesting. And always play this game on the Europe Server because developers are still creating the America Server.

Generally speaking, you’re not disappointed with because it’s one of the best shooting games that I’ve ever played. Put your hands on the mouse, keyboard and START proving you’re the best person after knocking out other rivals! Wish you luck and successin the soonest time!

  • WASD keys are to guide your character.
  • The left mouse is to shoot.
  • The right mouse is to use the jetpack.
  • R is to reload.
Played 384 times
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