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To me, multiplayer online space battle .io games always bring awesome and unforgettable experiences. If you have the same taste like me, why don’t you try playing Hyper Fleet at this time? I’m sure you cannot stop playing until attaining the best result. There we come!


This interesting game permits you to experience incredible spaceship battles in a superb universal setting.

But, there is no time for admiring the beauty because you have to carry out the main task right away. Let’s work with your teammates to protect your home station from alien invasion now. Although the aliens appear and attack in waves, be careful if this is your first time.

Since you’re new, your spaceship is still small and doesn’t have awesome updates. Therefore, you need to try your best to dodge the aliens’ attacks as well as killing at least one or two to earn cash. The cash is extremely important to purchase upgrades or new spaceships.

As long as you perform like what I said, completing the main request in Hyper Fleet is not difficult. Make sure you always focus on the aliens’ waves and have the best strategy to deal with each different case. For instance, the aliens sometimes send an only fleet of small spaceships. But, they might send a huge company of big ships another time.

Except for your own strategy, don’t forget to associate with your teammates in both attacking the enemies and defending the home station. Relying on that, your task can be completed soon.

Time to give a chance to savor Hyper Fleet or you miss one of the most addicting multiplayer space battle games in the .io world. Tap here and PLAY now!

Played 168 times
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