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Happy Wheels

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About navigate_next Happy Wheels

Even though it's a demo, however, I'm sure you'll be extremely excited about this version of happy wheels. In the game, you will see a list of 10 maps written by different players - these maps are rated 4+ stars and received very high votes of players (the most popular maps have more than 890 Votes, the least popular map has 60 votes).

When you begin a map, you have to choose 1 of 4 characters (some of the maps that limit you to certain characters). Characters in this demo include Wheelchair Guy, Segway Guy, Irresponsible Dad and Effective Shopper. Your mission in this game is to control your character overcome obstacles safely to the destination. It is as same as other versions, however, the attraction of this demo is the difficulty and challenges which you encounter on the way to the destination.


There are 16 characters and 11 vehicles which already released in happy wheels; All character and their vehicles can be found in the game's level editor. Each character is an interactive entity that the player controls in the game. Most characters have a special ability and it will be used for specific purposes. Therefore, you should choose the character suitable for your map.

1/ Wheelchair Guy: Wheelchair Guy was the first character created in Happy Wheels, he was published in 2006. Like his name, he sits in a jet-powered wheelchair.

His costumes include a green shirt with several patches, purple pants that extend slightly below his knees, no shoes and there is a bandage strapped to his left forearm. His speed is medium but very fast with jet.

2/ Segway guy: Segway guy is the second and one of four basic characters of the happy wheels. He rides a silver-gray Segway that could jump into the air.

In the costume, the Segway guy wears a gray-blue vest, white shirt, red tie and black shoes. In addition, he wears a white helmet on his head. The speed of Segway guy is above average. when he is out of the Segway, his speed is also faster than other characters because of his slim body.

3/ Irresponsible Dad: The irresponsible dad is the third character to be added to the happy wheels. He also is the first multi playable character in the game. As the suggested name, the Irresponsible Dad is actually an irresponsible father because he allows his son to be taken into the dangerous world of happy wheels.

About the costumes, the irresponsible dad wears a blue shirt, khaki pants, black belts, black shoes and white socks. His son who named irresponsible son is the third - smallest characters in the game. He has brown hair and wears an orange shirt, blue pants, red sports shoes and white socks.

Both characters are controlled simultaneously, their vehicles are bicycles and their speed are medium.

4/ Effective Shopper: As a fat woman - she is also the first female character of the game happy wheels. Her outfit consists of a green shirt and blue shorts.

In this game, she controls a motorized trolley with average speed. Due to her weight, she can’t jump as far as the other characters in the game.

5/ Moped Couple: This is the fifth official character which was released on November 19, 2010. The couple consisted of a man and a girl that move on a classic motorcycle. This motorcycle is very special, its normal speed is above average, however, when you boost, it can reach a very fast speed.

6/ Lawnmower Man: This character was released on May 20, 2011. He moves on a lawnmower. His costumes include gray shirts, jeans and a pair of red and white shoes.

His lawn mower is very durable; it is able to move very fast on the flat ground but hard to get up hill. Moreover, with rotating blades spinning under the machine, Lawnmower Man is capable of sucking up characters and food items on the road. If he encounters breakable items such as tables, chairs, the Lawnmower Man can also remove them.

7/ Explorer guy: The Explorer guy is a character of happy wheels released on July 22, 2011, by Jason - subordinate of Jim Bonacci. His vehicle is a Mine Cart and he can move at a fast speed and a very fast speed when riding on rails. This character was added in the happy wheels version 1.41 but it was removed shortly after that. He was officially released in version 1.45.

8/ Santa Claus: The Santa Claus is the eighth character of the game which was released on December 22, 2011. His vehicle is a Sleigh which was pulled by two goblins. The speed of the Sleigh is very slow (possibly because of his weight - Santa Claus is the fattest character in the game)

9/ Pogostick Man: The Pogostick Man is a character in happy wheels who was released on April 13, 2012. His vehicle is the Pogo Stick - the smallest, thinnest vehicle in the game, and can break into four different pieces. His speed is very slow and he almost can't move up the slopes with his pogo stick. However, Pogostick Man is very resistant to damage and in many cases can survive long falls.

10/ Irresponsible Mom: The irresponsible mom is the tenth character to be added to the happy wheels which was published on September 21st, 2012. Her vehicle is a two-seater bike, in front of the bike mounted to the basket for her son to sit there. She has moderate movement speed and no special ability.

11/ Helicopter Man: The Helicopter man is the 11th character of the happy wheels, released on December 24, 2013. He controls a fast-moving Autogyro. The propellers of this helicopter can do damage, destroy other characters and even food.

Played 18 times
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