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Instruction brings you to a large platform where you have to perform lots of things to attain the highest position in the ranking. Sooner or later, you will discover that this game is a fascinating combination of Minecraft and shooting games. Feel excited, guys? Come here and enjoy now!

Truly, the only action to help you complete the main request is to kill as many enemies as possible. But, it isn’t simple if you’re a newbie to this game. Therefore, the first important thing is to explore this platform and search for necessary items.

Guide your main character to jump, climb, run or fly every corner to collect available weapons. Grab or dig some blocks such as wood, rock, coal, etc. at the same time. These blocks are extremely useful for building your fort to prevent other enemies as well as dangerous monsters from attacking. And then, you must shoot them down with your own weapons.

For every success, some XP points will be added to your level bar. And try to upgrade this bar as much as possible to increase your skill points, got it? Besides, don’t forget to use these points to upgrade some necessary features such as Max Health, Health Regeneration, Shoot Speed, Bullet Speed, Jump Height, and so on. This allows your character to perform the task better.

Now, you have to dig blocks, find a suitable place to build your own fortress and struggle against other enemies at the same time in order to survive until the end. So, if you’re careless in any situation, it easily leads to failure. That’s why you must be good at multitasking.

For instance, you’re digging and someone is going to attack you. Be quick to switch an axe into the current weapon and counter-attack. Or if you’re facing up to the monsters, you must create small traps by placing the blocks surrounding them. Relying on that, you are able to lock and kill them later.

Do you think that you can finish with the best result, guys? Try playing and relish awesome moments now!

  • Travel around – WASD or arrow keys
  • Interact with the game – the left mouse
  • Choose quick picks – 1-4 keys
Played 271 times
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